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The Fall of Never (2020)  

Never's Tempest Series - Book 1

There's a secret hiding beneath a dead meadow in the orchard on Apple Road.

A whispering closet and a haunted fog plague two sisters as they search for answers.  Can Millie and Dee McNagle solve the riddle before a dark menace stops them?  The Fall of Never is a thrill ride of surprise and adventure that will leave you stunned and begging for more.

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The Battle of the Innocent (2021)

Never's Tempest Series - Book 2

Two locked boxes count down to zero as the McNagle sisters await a new destiny.

Forgotten and alone, Millie and Dee flee from one nightmare to another as they are thrown into a desperate bid to protect another lost soul.  But is the eighth curse already upon them?  The Battle of the Innocent is a testament to the power of the heart in our darkest night.  

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