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Samuel C. Greenlees' Biography

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Growing up in a small Texas town, Samuel didn't head out to play on summer days so much as he was sent out with his sisters to 'explore' and  survive the July and August heat in the process.  But that time was pivotal to developing a keen love of fantasy as the days of searching turned up caves and copperheads and a failed attempt or two at building forts out of old cedar posts.  What the world didn't provide, imagination invented.

It was probably inevitable that he would later study and obtain a degree in History during his college years as the question of 'why' was forever pinned to his mind, and the instinct to keep searching held fast.  When Samuel and his high school sweetheart had children of their own, his adventurous worldview naturally placed them at the center of humanity's ongoing tale as main characters.  He knew that fear, adventure, and curiosity awaited them.


A year spent living in the Pacific Northwest finally gave Samuel the chance to watch and play in the forests, mountains, and oceans that have inspired many a naturalist.  His first, fully developed story ideas were born here and after years of working and raising children, The Fall of Never was finally born.  As the first of a set of stories involving the McNagle sisters (Never's Tempest Series), Samuel's journey has come full-circle from exploring and interpreting the world to inventing something a bit more interesting.

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