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Samuel C. Greenlees

Author & Storyteller

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New Release


Beneath the false night of the raven, a lock in the ruins holds the fate of worlds.


What more could be asked of them?


The McNagle sisters have risked life and limb to reveal the ghostly secret lying beneath a dead meadow.  They have been left to face a burning nightmare and its murderous horde alone on a battlefield in the sky.  Is it too much to ask of the fates to let a new mystery slip away unsolved and leave Millie and Dee in peace?


When a warning is followed by reports of blindness and bizarre behavior among the townsfolk of nearby Montford, the girls are left with little choice but to track down the source of an archaic virus before it reaches Apple Road.  Never could they imagine what their search would unleash.


A dangerous odyssey awaits as the McNagle sisters battle a hidden enemy from without and within.  Can our heroes afford to pay the cost of a child?  In a world turned upside down, someone will fall.

Releasing June 2024

The story of Millie and Dee on Apple Road is exciting, intriguing, and a little bit scary - everything you want in a young adult/fantasy/mystery story. The prologue pulls you in immediately! A fast read and a seriously cool mystery; it is not what you would expect. 


"Fall of Never"

Reader Review

Praise & Reviews

I found so much joy in piecing together bits of the mystery alongside the young characters. This book takes a creative turn in solving the riddle of Apple Road and left me stunned in the best way. If you enjoy a little mystery, thought-provoking scenes, and otherworldly themes, I highly recommend picking this up!


"Fall of Never"

Reader Review

High stakes, deep mysteries, and so many doors opened at the end. The Fall of Never manages to somehow capture the adventure and imagination and terror of a child on a fantasy quest but also creates those same feelings for adults as you, too, wonder what is happening.


"Fall of Never"

Reader Review

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About Samuel C. Greenlees

Samuel C. Greenlees is a husband and father who lives and writes in Texas.  Inspired by his children and the cats who have shared their home with him, the Never's Tempest Series was created after watching their play in the beautiful forests and coastlines of the Pacific Northwest, where old-growth forests and magical mysteries abound.

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